The eagerly awaited new Hua Hin Train Station is set to begin operations next week, enhancing the region’s transportation infrastructure. The State Railway of Thailand has confirmed that from December 11, 2023, all ticketing will shift to this new, state-of-the-art facility.

Transition to the New Facility

Coinciding with the old Hua Hin Station’s closure, the new station will handle all train services to and from Hua Hin starting December 15. This transition marks a significant upgrade in the travel experience for both residents and visitors.

Location and Accessibility

Situated just a short walk south of the original station, the new Hua Hin Station is easily accessible, located about 200 meters from its predecessor. This strategic placement ensures seamless connectivity for passengers.

Passenger Services at the New Station

  • Arrival and Assistance: On arrival, screening staff will guide passengers through the ticket purchasing process.
  • Ticketing: Access to the new platform requires a valid train ticket, available for purchase at the new station.
  • Car Parking/Drop Off: Parking is available at the old station during the soft opening phase.
  • Waiting Areas: Comfortable waiting areas are provided for passengers.
  • Boarding Process: Passengers will be informed about boarding 20 minutes before train arrival.
  • Special Assistance: The station offers assistance for the elderly, disabled, pregnant women, and those with heavy luggage.

Ticket Verification and Safety Guidelines

Before accessing the upper platform, passengers need to present their tickets to the screening staff. Safety guidelines, including staying behind the yellow warning line, must be adhered to for everyone’s safety.

Parcel Services Changes

The new station imposes restrictions on parcel sizes, with a limit of 2 kilograms. For larger parcels, including motorcycles, passengers can use the Suan Son Pradipat Station or other nearby facilities.

Continued Development

More services, including retail spaces, will be gradually integrated into the new station, promising a modern and efficient travel experience for all.

Original Source Attribution

This article, adapted for Dan Siam Property, is based on important information regarding the new Hua Hin Train Station. The original article was published by Hua Hin Today and can be accessed here.