Hua Hin’s Mayor, Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul, has recently led a significant meeting with local water sports operators to enhance tourist safety and regulate activities on Hua Hin beach. The gathering, aiming to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for beachgoers, marks a pivotal step in managing the bustling beach’s water sports scene.

Meeting Highlights and Attendees

The meeting, held at the Pool Suk Room in the Hua Hin Municipality Office on January 18, saw the participation of Deputy Mayor Mr. Atichart Chaisri and representatives from key local and provincial agencies, including the Hua Hin District Office and Tourist Police. Discussions focused on implementing regulations and legal requirements for water sports activities.

New Regulations for Water Sports

Key resolutions from the meeting include:

  • Designated Areas: Establishment of specific areas for water sports signs and equipment.
  • Zoning Demarcations: Strict demarcation of zones for different water sports activities.
  • Operator Registration: Mandatory registration for all water sports operators.
  • Equipment Inspections: Regular checks and inspections of water sports equipment.

Specific Zones for Kitesurfing

A major outcome was the introduction of exclusive zones for kitesurfing, limited to four individuals at a time. This decision aims to reduce accidents and offer a controlled environment for both enthusiasts and beginners.

Adherence to Weather Warnings

Emphasizing safety, operators are now required to heed weather warnings from the Meteorological Department, particularly during the monsoon season. In case of adverse weather, red flags will signal prohibiting entry into the water, enhancing safety measures for beachgoers.

Impact on Tourists and Residents

These new measures are expected to significantly improve the safety and enjoyment of water sports at Hua Hin beach. As a popular destination for tourists and expats, including property investors, these changes are crucial for ensuring a safe and welcoming environment.

Original Source Attribution

This article, adapted for Dan Siam Property, is based on recent developments regarding new zoning areas for water sports at Hua Hin beach. The original report was published by an online reporter and can be accessed here.