The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand has implemented a new policy, effective from January 16, 2024, requiring all foreign nationals to present a valid passport or equivalent identification when boarding domestic flights in Thailand. This move is part of tightened travel controls within the country, primarily aimed at addressing visa overstays amid a rebound in the tourism sector.

Details of the New Regulation

Foreign travelers must now show their original passport, with the name matching their boarding pass, to board a domestic flight. In cases of lost passports, the Authority is allowing the use of a temporary passport or a non-Thai identification card, like a driver’s license, issued by the Thai government.

Implications for Tourism and Travel

This policy change comes as Thailand expects to host up to 35 million international visitors this year, nearing pre-pandemic levels. The influx is a crucial boost to the nation’s economy, heavily reliant on tourism. The new measure aims to regulate the increasing number of foreign tourists, especially in popular resort areas where visa overstays have been an issue.

Boarding Pass Requirements

Additionally, foreigners must present a physical boarding pass from an airline counter or kiosk, or an electronic boarding pass emailed by the airline. Photos of tickets on smartphones will not be accepted.

Impact on Domestic Flight Activity

The domestic flight sector in Thailand has witnessed significant growth, with about 280 million passengers, including Thai nationals, recorded from January to November 2023. The increased scrutiny on foreign travelers is deemed essential for managing this surge effectively.

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Original Source Attribution

This article, adapted for Dan Siam Property, is based on a recent update regarding new passport requirements for foreigners on domestic flights in Thailand. The original report can be found on Bangkok Post’s website here.