By Hua Hin Today (May 2019)

Hua Hin is one of Thailand’s premier beachside resort towns, located right on the Gulf of Thailand. But instead of palm-lined beaches and promenades, the vibrant town rises to meet the sea, making it unique and understated. Situated about three hours south of Bangkok and about four hours north of Chumphon, Hua Hin boasts the perfect location. Flights are easy to catch, and the islands are close enough to enjoy a weekend getaway.

The ever-increasing population owes thanks to the aristocrats that first vacationed in HuaHin. When the railroad arrived from Bangkok and the first beachfront hotel and golf course appeared, the town became a hub for Bangkok socialites and nobility. Although there’s quite a bit of money in Hua Hin, the town is budget-friendly and convenient, retaining its Thai roots
as a once-sleepy fishing village. Here are our top 10 awesome reasons to live in Hua Hin:


Hua Hin is perfectly located 200 kilometers from Bangkok and approximately 270 kilometers away from Chumphon, making it a convenient destination for those who love to travel over the weekend. Bangkok is a chance to experience the bright lights of the bustling city and Chumphon boasts the pier to deliver travelers to their island destination. A quick two- or
three-day getaway never hurt anyone and it’s easy to do from Hua Hin.

Where city meets sea

Unlike Phuket or Pattaya, Hua Hin doesn’t have a treelined promenade packed with street vendors and markets and motorcycles. Instead, the near-cosmopolitan city center greets the sea, offering a bit of seclusion for beachgoers. The beachfront brims with people during high season but it’s hidden from the main road and offers a reprieve from typical Thailand traffic.

Perfectly balanced

Those who frequent Hua Hin, or ex-pats and local residents, agree that Hua Hin is very well balanced. The Thai and Western cultures blend well together in this small town, which ensures a less-chaotic lifestyle compared to, say… Patong. There are amazing Thai-cuisine restaurants and street vendors as well as Western restaurants and food options for those missing a taste of home, wherever that may be.

The Gulf of Thailand

Hua Hin is nestled on the Gulf of Thailand and offers a few beaches to visit. This part of Thailand is a great place to live because of its warm climate and year-round sunshine, with the Monsoon season making an appearance sometime between May and October. The bays along this part of the Gulf include Prachuap Bay and Ao Manao with vibrant marine life.

Low cost of living

Hua Hin, although becoming more and more popular by the year, has remained quite budget-friendly. Living expenses are varied, depending on what you’re looking for, but cater to everyone. Accommodation abounds and ranges from hostels to five-star luxury hotels. There are plenty of shopping options at malls, food courts, and local bars that are supported by locals and expats alike.

In addition, it is worthwhile noting that the real estate market in Hua Hin is very competitive compared to other major cities including Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, and Chiang-Mai. Hua Hin positions as the city with the lowest price/sqm compared to these cities.

Transportation hub

Hua Hin’s central location makes it easy to travel to most places. With an airport that now has an international flight a few times a week, an airport bus, a ferry to Pattaya, and vans and buses that go just about anywhere, residents and tourists need not feel stuck or confined to one place. For the most part, transportation is relatively cheap and safe.

The vineyard experience

When you think of Thailand, you don’t think of vineyards and wine tours. For those of you lucky enough to call Hua Hin home, or at least consider it a weekend getaway destination, the town is home to an amazing vineyard in the rolling countryside west of the center. MoonsonValley offers a unique experience in Hua Hin. A place where wine lovers can feel at home,enjoy a Sunday lunch, and go on a tour of the Monsoon Wine Valley.


Outdoor recreation

Nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike can enjoy a powerhouse of outdoor recreation in Hua Hin and the surrounding countryside. Hiking trails abound, some of which lead to cascading waterfalls or into the depths of caves home to royal pavilions. The wind in Hua Hin means perfect conditions for kiteboarders, windsurfers, and sailing boats, and the Gulf of
Thailand is a mecca for avid anglers. No matter your desire, this part of Thailand has something for you.

A mecca for golfers

Hua Hin is considered a top golfing destination in Thailand and boasts ten championship golf courses, among others. The golf courses are in good condition and offer excellent facilities including clubhouses and caddies. Hua Hin offers courses in wonderful locations, some with mountain views and others close to the sea. Reasonably priced, golfing enthusiasts can enjoy a Sunday tee-off without emptying their wallets.

Language schools and education

The blend of ex-pats and Thai locals means that Hua Hin is fast becoming a multicultural town with a slight cosmopolitan flair but it also means that English is not a native language to some. Home to many language schools, ex-pats and locals can study English, Thai, or Chinese year-round at relatively low costs. Furthermore, there are several international, semi-private, and government schools in Hua Hin. Those with children have a great choice, from Thai curriculums with IEP programs to UK-based curriculums.